I have started this blog post and deleted it more times than I would care to admit. It is not due to a lack of things to write but more down to my feelings of what is worth putting here in the first place. Honestly, I am terrible at writing about myself, anything I have done, or what I think about my creations.

So, I am just going to spill my guts and talk about the good and bad even though my brain is screaming at me not to.

Train Frame for now is a game about solving puzzles… while on a train. We have some thin ideas as to why this is happening and who you would be playing as. But really it is just because we wanted to make a game with a train! Everything that we have come up with is a “Could we do this?”, “We shouldn’t make it violent”, “Should we make a different game?”.

Currently we are working on some basic puzzle mechanics and trying to figure out our source control practices (I say “our” I really mean mine as I am pretty lazy when it comes to it). The recent hike in Adobe prices may have us changing some tools but that will be a future update.

Some people really want to know what engine games are made on, and why so I will tell you. We are using Unity as the game engine and C# as the programming language. Why Unity? I have used it in the past and like that I can write C# scripts for it. Yes, we have heard all the news about the merger that is going on but for now we feel that it won’t have a negative impact on what we are making it the people that would purchase it.