Puzzels, puzzels, puzzels is what this game will have. Which means there will be object interaction. To get the basics of what we think should be included, I have created a room with a box and platform. Not very high concept I know, but it is allowing me to test things such as where objects hold should appear on screen while you hold them. Also, should I be able to throw this box? (Probably yes)

I have been thinking about if we should have the ability to jump in the game. Jumping is in a load of games for platforming or combos and some just have it for aesthetic purposes. But what if you couldn’t jump and instead had to fire out a grappling line that would connect to points on the walls and ceilings. There are a number of challenges that could be made by adding that mechanic alone. Will need to test this out.

It is still early days and work and home are going to come first. Until this can be work that would be awesome. Home life always comes first though.