I’m on a boat! Can’t make a rope! Well I am not really on a boat but the rope part seems to be true. A 3D moddeled Rope that it is concertinad I need to take a look at what I am doing wrong here but the result does look fun. The rope will be part of the grapple gun the player will be able to use when it is completed. The rope model is one that I created in Blender by extruding a cylinder and then cutting it. Once cut I created an armature and gave it bones down the length of the rope. Export that as a .fbx file and then test out some scripts. However I may have over complicated the idea in my mind and it is much simpler if I think of it from a first person view. If I am seeing it from the perspective of the grapple being fired away from me, then physics causing the rope to move is less important than aiming or understanding if it’s working properly.

Oh wow it seems like time just flew by for a bit there.

Development has been slow going these past few weeks. While there is a limited amount of time that can be focused on development normally. It has been increasingly challenging in the last few weeks. A number of projects that are nearing completion in my day job have been taking up more of my mental space.

We have a few plans in place which are mainly to build puzzles and see what we like about the way they feel and run. Due to the way I have set up object interaction it should be simple to add in a few objects that the player will deal with at once. However I do think that now some animations should be added for object interaction to make the game feel smoother. I have recently played Stray and loved the way that it handled its puzzles and storytelling in the first section of the game. The animations really helped focus on what was needed for the puzzles to be solved which is something I would like to make sure we do right.